Origin:  Tipperary, Ireland 


Currently: Galway, Ireland


Genres:  Indie Folk/Rock

Years Active: 2011 - Present

Label: Umbrella Records


Who we are


Derek Ellard and the future business model are a four piece indie Folk/rock band based out of Galway, Ireland.

Obsessed with the human condition, the bands songwriter, Derek, delves head first into the tribulations of our current climate with his emotionally charged rhetoric reinforced by their distinct use of vocal harmonies and metrical sleight of hand. As deliberately challenging as it is intoxicating. Often hysterical, invariably restless but principally honest. pushing folk rock in new and challenging directions. Blurring the lines of genre definition, stealing pages from math rock, prog, jazz and electronica. Produced, recorded and released, in conjunction with Joseph Padfield under the Umbrella records collective.


Email: Derek.Ellard@gmail.com

Email: mgmt@derekellardmusic.com

Phone: (353) 0877832543

Management: UmbrellaRecordsIreland@gmail.com

Stage plan